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It's Time to Stop Losing Potential Leads & Clients to Other Firms!

Ranking in the Google Maps doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it's quite simple. 

You see, Google's goal is to return the best result for the searcher.

If users have a good experience they will continue to use Google. More users mean more people to click on ads. 

By understanding what Google is looking for, we know what it takes to rank any law firm in the maps.

Ranking high in Google doesn't have to be rocket surgery.

Although there are hundreds of ranking factors that go into ranking in the maps, many of them you can control. 

By focusing on the factors that you can control, you greatly increase the odds of ranking well. 

In this training, you'll discover which factors you can control, and how to get the most out of them. 

And the factors we'll talk about are simple things that you've never thought of. 
Patrick followed my advice and was able to rank his law firm in the Google Maps. 

His practice area? 

Personal Injury & Criminal Defense...in Miami, FL. 

Oh yeah, and he used a Regis office, not a real office. 

All he did was go through one of my older courses, used the strategy, and got the result. 

This is the exact strategy I'll show you in this exclusive course, updated for 2021.

You'll learn what it takes to get your law firm in the Google Maps so you can grab leads like clockwork. 
High Rankings Are Valuable. That's Why Firms Buy Ads
See, if you're not in the maps, you have to PAY Google to appear on page one. 

And these top spots are so valuable that lawyers pay up to $130 per click. 

It doesn't matter who is searching. 

Marketing company? $130. 

Current client looking for your phone number? $130.

Competitor trying to blow your ad budget? $130. 

It doesn't matter - Google doesn't discriminate, can't tell the difference, and most importantly, doesn't care! 

But when you rank in the maps, you don't have to pay

You get these clicks worth tens of thousands of dollars, without having to pay a dime for ads!

Imagine how much money you could save over the life of your law firm.

And in this training, I'll show you how to do it.  
Discover The Same Proven Strategy I Use for My Private Clients
Chip's law firm always hovered around 15 cases per month. 

Once we took over his law firm's website, they started having record breaking months. 

In the email above, you can see that they had already signed up 30 cases, with more leads on the way in. 

When he asked how they found him, the answer was the same: "Google!"

What we did for Chip wasn't rocket surgery. 

It was a simple strategy that has proven successful over and over again. In fact, it's the same strategy I use for all of my private clients. 
Your Website is An Asset - More Valuable Than Real Estate!
This is Todd. 

We helped Todd sell his law firm so he could retire in Hawaii. 

Wanna guess what asset added hundreds of thousands of dollars to the sale of his practice? 

It wasn't his social media or Avvo listing.

It was his website and Google listing, which ranked #1 for some very competitive keywords. 

When Todd hired us, he was at the bottom of page 2. 

He was getting beat by other attorneys in his area. 

Once we took over, Todd started to dominate the local area for his most important keywords. 

When it was time to retire, his website increased the price of his law firm by hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

When you have an asset like that...

One that makes the phone ring, that's very, very, valuable. 

Todd told us about several offers for his website, one of which was close to 7 figures for the site and GMB alone! 

Read that again!

And Todd isn't the only attorney we've helped that went on to sell his law firm.

As a result of our work, a personal injury attorney in Indianapolis was able to sell his firm and retire. 

He moved to a sunny beach in Florida and focuses on what he loves.

We also recently helped an immigration firm get acquired by a larger firm, which resulted in a big payout. 

Whether you want to sell your firm...

Or practice for the next 30 years, your website and Google My Business listing will be your most valuable asset. 
More searches, more phone calls, and more revenue...

Sounds pretty enticing right?

It doesn't require a super complicated strategy.

Here's what I want to show you in this exclusive training...
Ranking Your Firm in the Google Maps Doesn't Have to be Hard!
I'll show the exact simple steps you can take to get your law firm planted at the top of Google.

Could you spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars setting up confusing links and improve your Google ranking?

Yes, probably. Maybe.

But what happens when Google introduces an algorithm named after another zoo animal...

And all of a sudden your site ranking plummets?

How many phone calls will you get when your firm is stuck on page 5?

That is EXACTLY why you need to follow the SEO clues that Google hides in plain sight. 

They're basically telling you what you need to rank higher.

But Andy, can I even do it without confusing links or learning complicated code?


That’s how I’ve been able to help lawyers all over the world rank their sites higher and get more leads rushing in to their firms every single day.

While everyone is trying to focus on complicated & convoluted SEO strategies...

I keep things as simple as possible…

So your firm can crank in new clients...

Without wasting tons of money or feeling the wrath of a Google's punishment...

Or falling victim to their "algorithm changes".

So you can focus on helping as many people as possible.

Every day that you're not ranked in the Google maps...

Your firm could lose thousands of dollars in potential revenue because no one can find you.

When's the last time you even saw the second page of Google? (It's a scary place.)

99% of people never make it that far.

It means that people who desperately NEED your help...

Can't get the help they need. Likely in one of the toughest times in their lives.

Which is why I created this exclusive training

So you can reach more potential clients who need you to fight for them.

And make more revenue so you can grow your law firm.
Just Use the Simple Tips I'll Give You To Rank in the Google Maps and Get More Clients!
That's a message I got from a client recently.

This same strategy that I'll show you caused her to stop giving free consultations!

Imagine having so many calls that you never had to deal with a low-quality lead again.

That's why I put this training together...

So you can claim your spot in the Google maps and flood your firm with more calls, more cases, and more revenue!

And if you’re wondering…

The answer is yes, this strategy can work for any lawyer in any practice area...

Regardless of your location, budget, or competition.

You can rank in the Google maps with lawyers who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars more than you on SEO & PPC.

And you don't need a marketing degree or a coding certificate to do it. 

You'll break free from the chains of PPC ads that cost you $118 per click. 

And you don't have to worry about an infamous Google "slap"!

All of the strategies I'll show you are completely ethical.

Not only ethical, but proven to work. 

In fact, Google is telling you exactly what it wants for you to rank in the maps section.

It's right in front of your face, but most people can't see it. 

Or they don't know what to look for...

I'll show you how to translate Google's language and use it to skyrocket your ranking.

Without being slapped, snapped, crackled, or popped.

And guess what?

Ranking your firm in the Google maps is the #1 ROI you can get for your marketing dollar. Nothing else even comes close.

So if you want to free yourself from spending hundreds of dollars per click to get traffic to your site...

And not get slapped by Google with the ferocity of Thor's hammer...

Then you need to learn actionable steps you can take to rank in the Google maps.

With that out of the way…

Here’s Everything You Get when You get lifetime access to this crash course:

  • The EXACT strategies we used to ethically SPY on other law firms. The easiest way to figure out what Google is looking for, is to look at what the law firms that are successful are doing. You'll get to see real life examples of how we do this for our clients. ($1,497 Value).
  • ​​The 3 SPECIFIC things that Google is looking for to decide who to put in the maps for any given search. Once you understand WHAT they are looking for, then you can work on providing it. ($997 Value).
  • ​Our Private Google My Business Optimization Strategy: A big part of ranking in the Google Maps is setting your GMB profile up the right way! I'll walk you through exactly how we set configure our client listings, step by step ($2,997 Value).
  • Image Optimization Secrets: One of the most impactful ways to increase your ranking is to use simple photos taken from your phone. But what do you do with these, and how do you actually use them to increase your rankings? I'll spill the beans on this entire strategy! ($1,497 Value).
  • ​Law Firm Review Blueprint & How to ETHICALLY Compensate For Reviews: Reviews are quite possibly the most under-utilized tool in a law firm's entire arsenal. Reviews not only will make it easier to get clients, but they can actually increase your firm's rankings! You'll see our entire review generation strategy, including the super-secret strategy that we use to ETHICALLY compensate people for reviews, to ensure you get tons of them! ($3,997 Value).
  • ​On-Page Optimization Crash Course (No Tech Skills Required): There's so much more to on-page optimization than just coding a website. There are many small things that you can do that make a HUGE impact. I'll show you which ones matter and which ones don't. ($4,997 Value).
  • Our Easy Link-Building Strategy: Most people know that links are essential to ranking in Google, but it's always been so complicated in the past. I'll show you how to easily get websites to link to your website that Google will LOVE, which will make you shoot to the top. ($2,397 Value).  
  • ​BONUS: Multi-Location Optimization Strategy: Learn how to optimize multiple locations to rank in the maps, even if you don't ACTUALLY have a physical office located where you say you do! (Priceless)
  • SUPER BONUS: On-Page Conversion Guide: I'll show you the EXACT elements that have been scientifically proven to increase conversions. These are the exact elements that we make sure are on every law firm website that we build. (Priceless) 

TOTAL VALUE OF $15,982!!!
right now: ONLY $497 $6!

Would you pay $5,000 to consistently flood your law firm with phone calls from clients who need your help right now?

What if just one of those phone calls is worth $2,000? 

Or maybe it's $10,000 for your law firm? Or $50,000?

And what if those calls came in every single day. Over and over again.

Without spending a dime on advertising.

But this exclusive 2-day training won't cost you $5,000.

Although I could charge at least $1,997 for this training (conservatively)…

Because the lawyers who've used this strategy have seen massive returns.

And before, the only other way to get access to this training from me is to hire my company or join my marketing masterclass...

But I won’t even charge $1,997 today.

Here’s Your Exclusive Offer...
You'll get lifetime access to this proven course showing you everything you need to start ranking at the top of Google and attracting qualified leads like a magnet for ONLY $497 $6!

That’s like spending $1.63 a day on SEO for a month.

That's less than a double cheeseburger. Half the price of a coffee!

And chances are you’re probably spending way more on SEO right now...

And I can’t think of a worse situation than not being in the Google maps and losing potential new clients and revenue every single day.

The best part is, this training will work for any lawyer in any practice area…

Because learning how to rank at the top of Google is CRUCIAL for any lawyer...

Whether you help car accident victims…

Whether you’re helping families navigate through a tough divorce…

Whether you’re in estate planning…

Or you help businesses protect themselves and their futures...

It’s an urgent and necessary skill to know. 

ESPECIALLY if you plan on building a top firm in your practice area and location.

Because you never know what can happen one of these days…

Google could change one line of code...

And your site could plummet, or your ads could stop working...

Like the panda and possum updates that caused headaches for lawyers all over the world...

So if you learn how to play Google's game and use the clues it gives you…

You’re going to be light-years ahead of every other lawyer once you discover the strategies and methods I teach you…

You'll get ideal leads pouring in to your law firm every day…

Without spending thousands per month on Pay-Per-Click ads or wasting hundreds of hours getting links…

It’s a win-win.

You don’t even need to be good at SEO or marketing to make this work.

Just follow the simple steps in the training…

And you can soar to the top of Google...even if you can't spell SEO!

So click the button below and reserve your seat in this exclusive training for a small one-time investment of $497 $6!


So some of you might be wondering…
Andy, What Makes You Qualified To Teach Me How to Get My Law Firm Ranked in the Google Maps?
I’ve been helping lawyers with SEO for years.

It's how I started in marketing. I was studying and implementing SEO strategies long before I ever got into social media marketing.

What I've found is that ranking in the Google maps is the foundation for a successful marketing strategy.

And I've helped lawyers in every practice area and location reach the summit of Google rankings.

I've helped multiple lawyers transform their websites into assets that allowed them to sell their law firms.

One even retired on a white sandy beach in Hawaii. Alo-ha!

One lawyer sold his firm so he could focus on the one he's always dreamed of. He's happier and less stressed than ever. 

There's a reason our SEO clients stay with us for over 3 years on average. 

Because they get results from their websites over and over again.

So while other marketers suck the hard-earned money from lawyers without ever showing a result...

My clients are getting massive ROI from simple strategies that produce consistent results.

With that being said…
How Long Are You Going To Keep Missing Out on More Clients and More Revenue?
You can keep pouring money into PPC ads or keep paying that marketing company...

Hoping they'll give you the ROI you want.

But that’s like the definition of insanity, right?

Doing the same thing and expecting a different result...

At some point you'll have to deal with the consequences. 

And the consequences will be losing out on tons of potential clients and revenue.

Whether that be several thousand dollars in lost revenue…

Maybe five, six...even seven figures of revenue lost…

For most lawyers I talk to it's at least six figures. 

And even if you do get a case or two from what you're doing...

Is it consistent? 

How much money are you still wasting? At what point is that going to hurt your law firm?

How long can you wait with everything happening right now?

Hoping to get more leads and clients for your firm.

I don't want you to have to "hope" anymore.

While everyone else is forking out money and not getting clients...

You can use simple strategies that can deliver new ideal clients to your firm's doorstep. 

And NEVER have to worry about wasting your firm's hard-earned money.

But the choice is ultimately yours.

Everything you need to know about cementing your firm's spot in the Google maps is in this crash course.

And if you miss out on this opportunity now, you’ll have to pay the full price of $1,997 in the future.

Even at that price, it’s a no-brainer…

ESPECIALLY if your firm relies on your website for phone calls and leads.

And you don’t even need to know anything about marketing to get the most out of this training…

You can be a complete newbie…

And by the end of this training, you’ll be able to crack Google's code and get your firm skyrocketing towards the top spot.

AND won’t waste any time or deal with Google slaps along the way…

PLUS - what you'll discover in this training works for all practice areas.

It’s the ONLY way to predictably and consistently move your firm towards the top spot.

There’s no way you can afford to miss out on this…

So learn the simple steps you can start taking right now to get your firm ranked in the Google maps.

Take advantage of this massive discount and grab your spot while you still can.

You’re Protected By My 30 Day Guarantee!

So how does this work?

It means if for some odd reason you don’t find my training valuable...

Or if you’re not getting any results…

Or maybe you found someone who’s better at teaching this stuff…

Just email my customer support team within 30 days and we’ll refund you every dollar you invested.

No questions asked.

There's absolutely NO RISK for you!

Check Out What Other Lawyers Had to Say About Past Trainings!

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